Build An Order… With a Bot!

Bots are for more than just simple tasks.

This is the fourth demo bot we’ve created to showcase the power of Messenger chatbots. Previously we’ve seen how you can share information about a business, such as a phone number, key products and location. We’ve also seen how some more complex tasks, such as booking appointments and sharing files can be achieved with a bot. Our new demo bot takes the awesome power of a bot to a whole new level! I’m sure you’re aware that one of the great advantages of computers, AI and technology is that it can do complex tasks easily. With this new bot we’re looking at how you can use AI to add values and help customers create an order and see a price.

Try our demo bot:

Our new demo bot is for a fictional burger restaurant called ‘Build-A-Burger’ — harnessing the buzz around artisan burgers!

With this bot you can build your own personalised chicken or beef burger. You can choose the extras, sides and drinks.

While this might not sound particularly exciting, what is exciting is that the bot keeps track of each item you’re adding to your order and can display the correct price of the order at the end.

Such a tool can be very helpful for a busy restaurant or takeaway establishment. While this sort of task can be achieved by an app, the price of an app can be ridiculous… but a bot is not expensive!

How is this achieved? It’s actually remarkably simple. You have two choices at the start — chicken or beef burger. If you choose, for instance, chicken a custom field is applied to your profile and a value of 1.5 is added (£1.50 as a monetary value). As you add bacon it adds 0.5 to your custom field (50p). All away through the chatbot’s questions the bot is keeping track of your order price and adding to it as you add more items.

If you cancel your order or start again it clears your previous custom field value and starts your order at £0.

It would be easy for a restaurant or takeaway place to use such a system. We’ve even added in a special offer to the order process where you can get a bottle of Coke for only £1. It would be straightforward for a food business to quickly add in their own special offers and tweak prices within the bot.

Whenever a customer starts to build their burger the bot admin is notified. Once the person finishes building their burger and told of the final price the bot admin is also notified. Finally, they’re notified again once the order has been confirmed by the customer — at which point the kitchen would start cooking! Getting three notifications for each customer might seem excessive, but it helps to follow up on customers who’ve not completed orders. You can get in touch to help customers complete their order or to find out what the barrier was to them completing their order. Data and information are always helpful to a business and a chatbot certainly helps you understand your customers better.

When you start using a Messenger chatbot for your business it can be a very exciting way to share simple information about your business and keep customers informed.

However, there is such a wealth of powerful features and functions you can achieve with a bot. Letting customers build an order and find out prices without any expensive human involvement is such an awesome use of AI.

Try our demo bot:



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Pixel-perfect WordPress web design. All websites are built with the Elementor page builder and are designed to be really easy to edit & maintain.