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One thing we know best is standing out in a busy industry is very tricky. The world of web design and web-related industries is awash with many companies, freelancers and experts. Being noticed and being trusted is the hardest challenge.

Agata at Business Ahead came to us at Tiny Blue Rocket with the goal of improving her website. Ensuring her site was modern, professional and captivating would certainly help her and her business stand out in their busy industry.

Fresh, modern and engaging

Business Ahead, as a business, help other businesses analyse and optimise their websites.

There are loads of freely available tools out there for business owners to analyse their website traffic. The problem, as always, with data, is knowing how to interpret it. You can infer all sorts of information from Google Analytics data, but it takes an expert eye to focus in on which piece of data matters.

Business Ahead provide companies with detailed and in-depth analysis of their website data. By working with Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio, they can discover new ways to improve website experiences.

Agata already had a website for her business that was around 2 years old and she felt the time was right to improve her site. Too often I speak to businesses who say they’ve got a website and that’s enough for them. Having the sense to want to evolve and never be 100% happy with your website is an important mindset.

As I told a long-standing client recently, websites are disposable commodities (much like fridges and washing machines). They will be great for a year or two, but won’t last forever. They need tweaking, improving and sometimes to be completely replaced.

Working together

Agata was keen to work with us to build a WordPress website which could be easily edited with Elementor.

What being clear throughout the design and development process is that Agata has a very keen eye for detail. She focussed on every single aspect of the website and provided in-depth analysis to ensure she got the perfect website.

As part of that process, she was keen on working with a UX design, Roman Gor, to create a design that suited her vision best. The finished website owes greatly to both Roman’s excellent design as well as Agata’s awesome eye for detail.

When you view the finished website you will undoubtedly feel that by working together we have been able collectively to design a truly modern, fresh and engaging website.

One thing I can say for sure is that if you want someone with a laser eye for detail to help you analyse your website and its data, choose Agata and Business Ahead!

Pay your own way

Last month we launched our new website payment plans. In light of the financially crippling pandemic, I knew that businesses were in a dilemma. They wanted to use the time whilst the business was shut down to improve their website, but couldn’t afford the expense.

To enable businesses to survive and thrive after the pandemic, we were happy to start providing payment plans. Businesses can pay their own way and work out a payment plan that means they pay the cost of a new website over the next 12 months in any way that suits them. Monthly, quarterly, or nothing for 6 months, you pay your own way.

Agata reached out to us after seeing our promotion for our payment plans. Whilst I won’t disclose the cost in any description, we were able to provide a payment plan that means Agata pays a relatively small amount of money per month for the next 12 months. For not much more than £1 a day, Agata has been able to get her dream website without the nightmare cost.

In summary

Working with Agata and helping Business Ahead get a new website was a delight. She came to us needing a modern, professional website and by working together we were able to achieve that.

We were also delighted that our payment plans enabled a growing business, such as Business Ahead, to keep growing and developing.

Take a few minutes today to check out the new Business Ahead website.

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