Elementor Help & Training

As an agency that uses Elementor to build our clients’ websites, we’re pretty comfortable using Elementor. However, it has taken many, many hours of toil and struggle to get to grip with Elementor as a website building tool.

At its heart, Elementor can empower everyone to build their own website with the easy drag-and-drop builder. Unless you have experience of WordPress, web design and even trickier things like hosting, it can be daunting.

Even though we are a web design agency, we do promote the idea of people building and maintaining their own website. Our role is to step in when people would rather pay an expert or when they need help.

Recently I have been helping people who already have Elementor websites and just need a bit of help and a bit of training.

Graham is currently building his own online news website with Elementor and got stuck on some of the more advanced parts of Elementor and needed some help.

Tim had a website built for him with Elementor by an inexperienced designer. Tim and his team needed expert advice to tidy up their website and training them in making changes and managing many key aspects of their website.

We’re keen to offer Elementor help and training as a service we provide. It’s open to everyone who just needs Elementor advice. There are many reasons why people might need a bit of help.

Getting started with Elementor

When you first open Elementor to build your own website it can be quite overwhelming. There are so many widgets to choose from. You have to add sections and columns. How do you get started?

We can help give you a head-start with Elementor with some bespoke training. We can show you how to get started and the basic principles behind using Elementor as a website building.

Maybe you’re struggling to get started with hosting, installing WordPress or knowing how to get the basic website installation off the ground. We can also help you with those much more technical parts of getting started.

Whatever barrier is preventing you from getting started with Elementor, we can help. Our expert advice can help you on your path to building your own great website!

Which widget or plugin?

Deciding which theme to install, which plugins to add-on and which widgets to use can seem challenging. Especially as each decision can seriously affect the loading time of your website.

If you just need some professional guidance, we can help talk you through the options and provide advice that won’t affect your site.

Knowing which Elementor widget can build what is a bit like learning a foreign language. Sometimes it just takes experience to know what’s right. If you’re struggling to work out how to build a specific section or layout of your website, we can guide you through that process.

We are happy to take the stress out of building your own website. We can guide you through those key decisions and ensure you get your perfect website with no issues around loading times.

Fixing those annoying problems

For some people getting off the ground with Elementor and building a good website is straightforward. However, they do occasionally run into small, annoying problems. Sometimes it’s even big, insurmountable issues that are stopping them from completing their website.

Whether it be layout, features or speed, we can look at the problems you’re facing and advise you on how to tackle the issue.

Either through explainer videos or one-to-one videos calls, we can help guide you through some of the more advanced parts of Elementor web design.

We can also come in and tidy up your work for you. If you feel happy you’ve finished building your own website but want an expert eye, we can help. We can come in, have a look and even tidy up a few small issues for you. A final check can sometimes help people feel confident there will be no problems once the website goes live!

In summary

If you’re keen to build your own website with Elementor or are looking for help with Elementor, feel free to get in touch today.

We’re more than happy to help guide people through the process of building and maintaining their own Elementor website.

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