How to boost your website’s ranking on a budget

Back when I first launched Tiny Blue Rocket I knew straight away that I was going to be a very small fish in the middle of a pond the size of the Pacific Ocean. Everyone seems to be a web designer, how can I and my business stand out and get noticed? More importantly, how can I get noticed without spending a fortune on marketing, advertising and SEO?

Recently I’ve found myself getting more and more business due to people simply finding Tiny Blue Rocket’s website through Google. From this, what I’ve learnt is that content really is king and content is cost-effective marketing!

Content is king

When I first started out trying to grow my business and get it noticed the phrase I kept coming across from all the advice was “content is king”. It’s a phrase that actually has its roots in 1996 and Bill Gates. Gates said 24 years ago that “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet.”

Content is a broad term — it could mean almost anything that exists online, but for the context of this blog post, ‘content’ means marketing materials. Blogs, vlogs, podcasts and social media make up the ‘content’ that is easily produced by business owners on a budget.

Blogging and spreading your voice

When it comes to making content online the number one way I think of, and I’m sure most people think of, is through blogging.

When I launched my business the advice I routinely read was to write loads of blog posts. A couple of posts a week would be ideal, I was told. My initial thought was, “I’m a web designer, not a blogger.” I felt that any time spent making content and writing blog posts was time taken away from doing my actual job.

How could I realistically monetise blogging?

After years of writing blog posts for my business, those very posts have helped draw in paying business and helped elevate my business on Google. Blogging is easily monetised when it brings you more paying business.

I had a period a year ago where I didn’t have much work coming my way. To pass the time I wrote lots of blog posts. A year on, on a weekly basis I have people finding my business and getting in touch due to that content. That period of less work now means I have more than enough work!

So, let’s just set up a blog on my website, right?

Having a blog post on your website will certainly help. Once someone comes to your website to read your words of wisdom they can have a look around and find out more about your business. But, is it best to only plant seeds in one small corner of your field? Spread them out and get a better yield.

Every time I write a blog post, which I do using the excellent Hemingway editor, I then post that content in three places. Firstly, on the Tiny Blue Rocket website, then on Medium and Linkedin.

Why put one post in three places? Well, Medium is a popular place for reading blog posts and articles. Your content will be easily found when you’ve placed it somewhere that attracts plenty of people keen to read. On Linkedin, I write an ‘article’ so I can instantly share the content onto social media.

I cannot expect everyone to access my blog posts in one place. Spreading it out enhances the chances of it being read!

Why Medium and Linkedin? Those two websites have a high DA (domain authority). A high DA website that has links to your business website will help Google trust and rank your website. By putting links back to my website and other blog posts in my Medium and Linkedin articles I am helping slowly boost my website’s Google ranking. All for free!

Podcasts are just for attention seekers!

The concept of podcasts has taken off massively in recent years. The joke is that everyone seems to have a podcast. It certainly does attract people who like the sound of their own voice, but it also attracts listeners who like to hear your content.

Setting up a business podcast probably sounds like a very expensive and very time-consuming task. It really isn’t. Making podcasting and ‘social audio’ part of your marketing strategy is both inexpensive and easy.

Once I have finished writing a blog post I take a little bit of extra time to record it as a podcast. Using a free account on Anchor, I can then spread out my podcast onto multiple podcasting platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more. With Anchor, I can even place advertising into a podcast and directly monetise the content.

You don’t need expensive studio-quality equipment to record a podcast. An acceptable microphone and Audacity is enough.

What I like about having a podcast is by talking through my blog posts it helps me digest and analyse my ideas better. It has helped me on numerous occasions come up with new ideas for content just by verbalising my thoughts. It also gives a good impression when someone finds your business online and you’ve got a fully-fledged multi-media empire — or just the impression of one!

Never underestimate vlogging

I must confess that I have dropped the ball when it comes to vlogging. There is absolutely no denying that people love watching YouTube videos, many more so that reading blog posts, but I consistently push the idea to the back-burner.

A great way of connecting with people and showing the human side to you and your business is with vlogging. Much like podcasting, it can be a very low-cost but powerful way to market your business and your ideas.

Showing your expertise and growing a following online is so easy with video, plus it really helps with the SEO!

Either through recorded content, live content or a mixture of the two, pretty much any business can grow by using vlogging and video content.

My new year’s resolution for 2021 will be to start vlogging!

Social media — it’s free advertising!

Finally, for the tips, social media is the solution to many problems.

How did you grow and market a business before 2006? You had to pay for advertising space in newspapers and magazines. You had to pay for flyers and print media to be produced. Expensive!

How do you grow and market a business in the 2010s and 2020s? On social media. For free!

Much like blogging, you need to pump out the content on social media. You might not start with a big following, but by offering consistent and quality content, people will come flocking and following.

When talking about blogging I mentioned high DA backlinks. Having links to your website on high DA websites helps with your Google ranking. Your social media accounts will rank in Google and having backlinks of social media accounts will slowly help with your Google ranking.

Using social media and a free and easy way to marketing your business will help slowly grow your business.

In summary

There’s no quick fix to growing a successful business unless you just chuck money at it (a lot of money)!

Growing a business takes time, but a great and fairly cheap way to grow your business and get it noticed is with great content.

Blogging, vlogging, podcasting and posting will help elevate your business and get it noticed. I can’t quite believe the impact that these little tasks have had on Tiny Blue Rocket!

If you need help getting your business noticed online, we can help you get started with a great website. Get a quote and get in touch today.



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