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Growing and developing a business is undoubtedly hard. Whether you are a sole trader or part of a team, looking and sounding the part is often one of the biggest challenges!

Andi from JetVirtual reached out to us at Tiny Blue Rocket to help him redesign the websites that form their business. Having previously worked with Andi on the website for his bookkeeping company, ASBK, it was great to work with and help him again!

Telephone answering, business addresses and office space

For both new and established businesses giving the right first impression to prospective customers really matters. Having a business address that’s your own house can give quite the wrong impression for many businesses. Also, not being able to answer telephone calls from customers can be offputting for so many people.

Luckily JetVirtual provides the solutions to these common business problems. They provide telephone answering, business addresses and virtual office spaces for a wide range of UK businesses.

Rather than having to struggle to answer phone calls, or pay money you cannot afford to hire staff, you can outsource your phone calls to a trained professional. From only £10 per month, you can let someone else provide an excellent first impression for your business.

JetVirtual also provides a wide range of business addresses and virtual office space in the UK. Having an address located in your target geographical area can be of great benefit to many businesses. From an SEO perspective, it allows you to market your business as local to that area without giving out your home address.

All of the business tools at the disposal of JetVirtual are perfect to help many businesses grow and give the right impression!

Three websites are better than one!

When I first spoke to Andi one of the key questions was what would happen with the three website domains the business had. They had split their services into three websites. One as an umbrella for all of the services — JetVirtual. Then one for the telephone answering — Jet Answering Service and one for the offices and addresses — Jet Virtual Office.

Our initial discussions were about whether it was best to put all content under the main JetVirtual brand or carry on with the split.

From a technical perspective, it would be possible to have different domains pointing to different pages without the website, but SEO is of paramount importance. By preserving the three domains it meant that the high SEO ranking each had for their focussed service could be maintained.

As all three websites would be of the same design and with the same functionality, it wasn’t billed as three websites, but one that eventually would be split.

Office maps and booking forms

The functionality of the Jet Answering Service and Jet Virtual Office websites provided the greatest challenge.

The Jet Answering Service website is effectively a one-page website. On the main page is the text content about the service and then prices. When you click on each order button a popup appears with an embedded form. This form helps capture information about the new customer and enables the JetVirtual team to set up the telephone answering service for that customer.

The Jet Virtual Office website provided many more complex challenges. Each office space needed a page of information about it. What you get in each office, the price and its location had to be easily available. Plus a booking and payment form.

By building a custom post type with JetEngine, I was able to create a simple system for the JetVirtual team to add new offices. From the WordPress dashboard, they can enter the key information about each office and it would dynamically create a new listing on the website.

The goal, as always, was not to provide a solution that sort of worked, but one that would stand the test of time and be as easy as possible for the JetVirtual team to use.

Each new office is then placed on their interactive map on the main virtual office home page. This map helps visitors to view the geographical location of each office and pick out the one best positioned for them.

When someone clicks on an office pin from the map they can read all about the office and proceed to the booking form. The form allows customers to once again provide key personal information and then make a payment for their first month via PayPal.

Making the booking and payment forms as simple as possible for both service websites was vitally important. So was having a simple system for adding offices that is visually appealing on the front-end for visitors.

Whilst seemingly only three simple websites, the work on the JetVirtual sites presented many challenges!

In summary

It was a pleasure to help Andi and the team at JetVirtual to redesign their three websites. Please do take the time today to check out the new JetVirtual website. From there you can navigate to the Jet Answering Service and Jet Virtual Office websites.

If you are looking to launch a new business or give an existing one a makeover, please do reach out to us at Tiny Blue Rocket and find out how we can help you get your perfect website!



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