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4 min readMay 7, 2020


Have you already seen it? At Tiny Blue Rocket we’ve launched an updated version of our website. It’s both new and similar, different yet more consistent.

We’ve also updated our branding, including changes to our logo and website colours. Did this process take weeks or months to achieve? No, it took a couple of days.

Consistently more consistent

Ever since I launched Tiny Blue Rocket I’ve felt that the name of the business brings expectations when it comes to branding. You’d expect the logo to include a small rocket and the colour blue.

I once used a rocket on a social media image a someone replied that the rocket wasn’t actually blue. I guess I could say that ‘blue’ doesn’t refer to the colour, but the emotional state of the rocket, but that would be a pretentious lie!

Our logo and branding has always featured a rocket. For the most part, though. it’s not actually been the colour blue. As the business moves forwards I felt it was time to revise the logo and the branding to be more blue. More consistent and that consistency should bleed through all aspect of the business.

The social media logos and the website colours are all blue. Two shades of blue are our branding colours from now on. The use of pink and dark blue has ended and it’s time for a change and that change to be implemented more consistently throughout all aspect of the marketing.

What new with the website?

The website has been tweaked and changed. However, for the most part, it’s the same.

The new branding colours have been implemented on all text. Also, images have been changed and, most importantly, the page headers have changed. Sounds like a lot of work, right?

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, when a website is built with Elementor it is ridiculously easy to make minor and fairly major changes to the website. To edit the colours of the text on the website, update images and even build new page headers all took only one day.

By working with Elementor I was able to choose a style for the text and copy and paste that style onto all other examples of the text. I could easily drag and drop images into the website to replace existing content. Changing the page headers was also a fairly easy task when using dynamic content with Elementor. I will delve into dynamic content and Elementor in our next blog post.

Why make the changes?

Why did I go to the effort of making changes to an already acceptable website? When I previewed the new website on social media I wrote, “Never standing still, always moving forwards!”

That’s why I changed the website. The existing website had been in place for nearly a year and had helped connect with many new clients and take the business forward. But eventually, every website needs to be tweaked to keep moving the business forwards.

When I launched the website for Business Ahead I wrote about how impressive it was that the owner, Agata, wanted to improve her website. I wrote that too many businesses are just happy having a website and don’t care about the visual impact on visitors.

As a web design agency our website reflects our own web design ability. If it looks old-fashioned or clunky people will assume they’ll only be able to get an old-fashioned and clunky website from us. By pushing the website forwards to be more visually appealing and easier to use it ensures we’re showcasing what you get with a website built by Tiny Blue Rocket.

Build for success with Elementor

As I’ve already mentioned, the actual process of changing the website content and layout only took one day. Thanks to the website being built with Elementor I could make both small and major changes to the website with minimal disruption or time taken.

When I speak to prospective clients about building their website with Elementor I always talk about how easy it is it make changes. For the most part, I mean for them to make regular changes to text and images on their website. I do also mean that when they need bigger changes to the website layout it will be really easy and very painless.

By having a website built with Elementor we can easily make changes to our website. From little tweaks to the text content, to introducing major changes to the page headers and layout.

What we’ve showcased with our sudden change to our website is how easy it will be for our clients to also see changes made to their website. All without the fuss, stress or financial burden of a major website rebuild.

In summary

Please take a few minutes today to check out our updated and improved website. Let us know what you think!

If you’re thinking of getting a new website for your business, do consider having it built by Tiny Blue Rocket using Elementor. With your site being built with Elementor, it ensures you can easily make or have changes made to your website without any hassle.



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