New Website? Pay What You Can Afford

Never before have we lived in such uncertain and unpredictable times. It’s hard to predict what we might be doing or be allowed to do in the next month or two.

One thing is certain, though, the world of business will forever be changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In my previous blog post, I looked at what life for businesses and business owners will be like after the pandemic. The main prediction I made is that the Internet and online business will be more important than ever.

Those businesses that have adopted and embraced the Internet within their business will be crisis-proof. Going forward all businesses will need to ensure they can continue to trade, or operate in a substantial way, online.

While we are in a lockdown and isolated inside it is a great time for businesses and their owners to start moving their business further online. However, websites can be expensive. How can anyone afford to pay for a website when they can barely afford to keep their business afloat at the moment?

For that reason, we are offering payment plans. You can pay whatever you can afford for your website now and pay the rest once your business recovers.

Why are we offering payment plans

We are a business that has been affected adversely by the pandemic. Ongoing and future projects have been put on hold. We could put up our prices and capitalise on the opportunity. But that is very much against everything I believe in — we’ve always put our clients first.

I fully understand how tight finances are at the moment for businesses. I also fully understand how keen every business owner is to ensure their business can recover and survive this crisis. For that reason, I want to do everything to help other businesses survive and thrive after the pandemic.

How the payment plans work

As I outlined earlier, you would pay what you can afford now and the rest when you can afford to.

You can still use our online price calculator to see how much it would cost to get a new website. These prices have been frozen and remain the same as they were at the start of 2020.

Usually, we’d ask for the entire cost of the website upon completion. However, I know that most businesses won’t have a spare £500 or more at the moment. Therefore, we’re being flexible.

Upon completion of the new website, you can pay whatever you can afford. We can then draw up a sensible payment plan so you can either pay the rest in one go one month after your business is fully operational again. If that’s still too much too soon you can pay in monthly or quarterly instalments until the remaining balance is paid.

We’re not offering this payment plan to make money out of people’s suffering, but as a way to ensure we can all ride this storm and come out the other side successfully.

What’s the catch?

I’ve seen so many offers and deals where I think they’re almost too good to be true. For the vast 99% of the time they are too good to be true and there is a catch.

Our payment plans are not too good to be true. They are simply too good to turn down!

We will not charge interest on the outstanding balance or any additional charge for paying in instalments. You do not pay more for spreading out the payments. You will pay the same price as always, but just at your own pace.

We are still offering high quality, pixel-perfect WordPress websites. All of our websites are built within the Elementor page builder, which ensures you can easily edit and maintain your website yourself. Having a website built with Elementor means you do not need to pay extra for us to make changes for you, every aspect of your website you can easily edit.

In summary

If you’re spending your time in isolation pondering how to improve your website, turn to Tiny Blue Rocket.

We can offer high quality, flexible websites which you can pay for at your own pace. Pay what you can afford now and the rest once we’ve survived the pandemic together.



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