Nigel Follett — Digital Fine Artist

Another week, another new website launched! I am very proud to announce the launch of a brand-new website for Nigel Follett, a digital fine artist.

As an experienced user of Elementor, Nigel wanted to work with someone to help design and build an eCommerce store for his beautiful artwork.

Nigel has already been successfully selling his artwork online but had been using third-party sites that took a cut from his sales. Nigel felt it was right to branch out on his own and be the sole beneficiary of his artist talent!

Award-winning artist

Nigel mixes traditional, fine art techniques with a modern, digital approach. He uses a Wacom graphics tablet to create stunning, original artwork.

His artwork, Ragnar’s Epitaph, was shortlisted for the 2014 Gallery of Top 100 works worldwide for the Lumen Exhibition Prize. In 2019 the same work was selected as the book cover for ‘Vikings and the Vikings’, co-authored by Prof. Paul Hardwick.

In 2014, his painting ‘355mL’ was used by environmental pressure groups, ‘Orangutan Outreach’ and ‘Rainforest Action Network’. It was part of their global campaign against PepsiCo for their use of conflict palm oil in many of their products.

It’s fair to say Nigel is a talented and successful artist. You can watch a timelapse video on his YouTube channel of him creating his artwork. As someone who owns and has used a graphics tablet, the fact that someone can use it to create such powerful, detailed artwork blows my mind. It’s great to see that modern devices are powering the new wave of artists and artist techniques.

Simple, but effective eCommerce

When I first spoke to Nigel he outlined how he wanted a clean, professional and modern website to showcase and sell his art.

The main requirement is for the website to help people purchase his artwork on acrylic or canvas.

Secondary to the eCommerce website he also does a lot of successful commission for companies and people. He has been commissioned to produce artwork for a range of people, including recently for the family of the late Malcolm Young, the songwriter and guitarist of AC/DC.

Therefore, the website needed to provide eCommerce sales as well as a place for people to read about and request commissions from Nigel.

I used Elementor and Woocommerce to create a simple, but effective eCommerce store. Placing the artwork at the heart of everything. The artwork is, after all, the story of the website.

The eCommerce process was designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. I added on the new CartPops plugin to help reduce any friction between adding items to the shopping cart and purchasing them.

The commission part of the website was built using JetEngine as a custom post type. This means that once Nigel has completed a new commission he can simple and easily add images and text content through the WordPress dashboard and onto the Commissions section of the website.

Ongoing training and support

It was a pleasure to work with Nigel. As someone who regularly uses Elementor as part of his day job, it made the process of training an awful lot easier.

However, I recognise how challenging it can be to manage an eCommerce store, add blog posts and manage an email marketing platform from MailerLite.

As part of my ongoing pledge to provide first-class aftercare to all clients, I provided support and training for Nigel to help him manage all aspect of his new website.

After I had finished building and testing the website, I recorded several help videos and shared them with Nigel via my learning portal. I’m always keen to provide additional support and training as Nigel’s use of his new website changes.

In summary

Take the time today to check out Nigel Follett’s new website. Enjoy the wonderful and thought-provoking artwork that he has created. With a new eCommerce store, you can even purchase a piece or two to enjoy at home!

If you are looking to launch a new business or give an existing one a makeover, please do reach out to us at Tiny Blue Rocket and find out how we can help you get your perfect website!



Pixel-perfect WordPress web design. All websites are built with the Elementor page builder and are designed to be really easy to edit & maintain.

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Pixel-perfect WordPress web design. All websites are built with the Elementor page builder and are designed to be really easy to edit & maintain.