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4 min readSep 21, 2021


When you’re competing against established businesses you need to look as professional as possible. The first impression you make online is vitally important!

Chris from Simple Wills Online reached out to us at Tiny Blue Rocket to help him redesign his Wix website. He had heard of Elementor and felt it was the best platform for him to have his next website built on. Being able to easily edit and manage his website without paying someone else for little changes was what he required.

As an Elementor agency, Chris came across us and got in touch to find out how we could help get him his perfect website.

Make a will online

Simple Wills Online provides a simple service. With their dynamic form, you can build your own will from the comfort of your home. From only £29.99, you can create a legally accurate and effective will in just 4 steps.

You can go beyond simply writing a will, Simple Wills Online can help you create a Lasting Power of Attorney, an Estate plan, business will and a pre-paid funeral plan. All aspects of preparing your estate and providing for your family can be sorted with Simple Wills Online.

With over 20 years of experience, you know that you are in safe and trustworthy hands with Chris and his team.

From when I first started using the Internet in the mid-1990s to now, it is amazing just how much of our lives we can manage online. However, some people might prefer to meet face-to-face to ensure everything that needs to be in their will is. With Simple Wills Online, you don’t have to just do it online. You do have the option to phone or meet with the team and even have a printed and bound copy of your will.

As the message at the top of their home page says, with Simple Wills Online you’re safeguarding your family’s future.

Wix to Elementor

When I first spoke to Chris he explained that he had some experience of working with web designers and agencies before. After a few difficult experiences, he had built his own website on Wix.

As with many business owners, Chris felt the best way to get exactly what he wanted was to build it himself. Despite what the adverts say, though, with Wix, it is quite tricky, or almost impossible, to really get what you want.

With WordPress and Elementor you can add an almost endless array of aspects to your website to get exactly what you want. Chris rightly felt that the only way to get the website he wanted was to have it built with WordPress and Elementor.

There is no magic tool that can quickly convert a Wix website to Elementor. Nor should there be when the website needs a redesign. The focus of our work was on creating a clean, clear and easy-to-navigate website.

The blue and green from the Simple Wills Online logo formed the basis of the design. A combination of Serif and Sans-Serif fonts gave a professional, but modern feel to the site.

The most challenging aspect was creating the “4 easy steps” layout you can see on most pages. With clever column management and Elementor’s custom positioning, this turned out to be easier than I had expected.

Overall, the new Simple Wills Online website is professional but modern, clear but full of useful information. It’s a website that will help Chris and his team compete with established industry names.

Lightening fast Elementor website

Great design is pointless if it cannot load quickly. Elementor can help people quickly and easily create eye-catching websites. However, without a deep understanding of the website builder, Elementor can cause bloat and affect your site speed.

As I spoke about in a previous blog post, simplicity is the key to design, especially with Elementor. Keeping your images optimised and the layout and simple and as clear as possible makes the experience easy for the user and ultimately leads to fast loading times.

As you can see below, the final GTMetrix report for Simple Wills Online presents it as a lean, mean and lightningly fast Elementor website.

You can also easily speed up a slow Elementor website if you take the right steps, but starting with a strong basis can make the difference!

In summary

It was a pleasure to help Chris and the team at Simple Wills Online redesign their Wix website. Please do take the time today to check out the new Simple Wills Online website.

If you are looking to launch a new business or give an existing one a makeover, please do reach out to us at Tiny Blue Rocket and find out how we can help you get your perfect website!



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