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At Tiny Blue Rocket we believe that every business deserves a first-class website that’s both affordable and easy to maintain. Finding a way to build websites that match those requirements sounds tricky, but with Elementor we have the perfect solution.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a drag and drop website builder that works within WordPress. Elementor makes it really easy for anyone to edit a website by dragging in new blocks and clicking to edit the existing content.

WordPress is the most used website platform. Around 35% of all websites are built within WordPress. However, WordPress can be a very tricky platform for non-techy people to use.

Historically, WordPress editing involved coding and a deep understanding of how to work with WordPress and how to code for it. This meant that business owners were financially tied to a web developer, permanently. Having a great website meant a massive financial commitment.

With a website built with Elementor, you get both a wonderful, powerful website, but with the total ease of editing. Once a website has been designed and developed in Elementor it is very simple to edit. This means no long term financial commitments for business owners. Suddenly, every business can afford to have a great website!

Why do we use Elementor?

As you can imagine from the previous paragraph, it’s all about the ease of use. Both for business owners and for us, as web designers.

Quite commonly with WordPress, you can install a theme and then edit some aspects of the website. However, you are locked into the general look and feel of that theme. This can be very frustrating when you have a clear vision of what you want to build, but the theme restricts your creativity!

Unlike other page builders or editors for WordPress, Elementor allows us to design a complete theme. This means that we can edit every aspect of a website, from the headers and footers to the blog post layout.

Not only does Elementor allow users to edit every pixel of their website, but it’s also really quick and easy to use.

By working with Elementor we can usually design and build a website for a client within 1–2 weeks. A task that had taken months before can now be completed to a higher standard in a fraction of the time!

Once we hand over a website to the business owner it is very easy for them to maintain their website. We usually provide some basic 1–1 training, but Elementor is incredibly intuitive.

By empowering business owners to be able to edit their own website, this ensures they are no longer financially tied to a developer. Now everyone can have a great website!

Can you only build simple, basic websites?

By saying that Elementor is quick and easy to use you could easily assume that means it’s a bit basic. Only suitable for simple websites, right?

While some page builders in WordPress come with massive limitations, Elementor has developed into a perfect website solution. Perfect for almost all types of websites.

As it’s part of the open-source environment of WordPress, other developers have created plugins for Elementor. Now there are hundreds of amazing addons to Elementor that ensure you can build pretty much any website.

As web designers, we also use Jet Engine, which allows us to add dynamic content to every website we build. This means we can design blog layouts other dynamic content that is repeated throughout the website.

Recently, we build a testimonial section for a client using Jet Engine. All the client has to do is copy and paste a new customer testimonial into their WordPress dashboard. Then the dynamic Jet Engine functionality adds that new testimonial to every page on their website. This ensures that for a small business owner they can have an amazing website without the hassle!

What is an Elementor agency?

After working with other web design platforms or other WordPress page builders, we are now 100% focused on using Elementor. Every website we build is built with Elementor. This means we can keep to our promise of building first-class websites that are both affordable and easy to maintain.

There are three ways we can help businesses and website owners as an Elementor agency. Designing, fixing and improving.


We have worked with many clients across numerous industries to help design and build their perfect website. With 100% 5-star reviews, we can confidently say we are the perfect Elementor agency and perfect web design agency.


Not only do we build brand-new websites, but we have also spent time helping Elementor website owners. From speed improvements to bug fixing, we can help DIY website builders iron out their problems.


While we love to build websites from the ground up, we can also help advise and improve Elementor websites. We have worked with other designers and business owners to extend and improve their existing Elementor website.

In summary

If you are a business owner who is thinking they need a new website, let us build you a website with Elementor.

With almost unlimited functionality and an editing environment that’s really easy to use, you will get a website that’s beyond your wildest dreams!

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