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6 min readJul 27, 2021


Nearly six months ago I wrote a post about our new onboarding process. With the help of Asana and Box, I had mapped out a way to make it even easier for clients to become part of the process of building their website.

As with everything in business (and in life) things have moved forward. Rather than using one platform to keep track of tasks and projects and one for sharing files, we now have an all-in-one solution. We have a platform that allows us and our clients to see ongoing tasks, read and sign proposals and contracts, share files and even use private messaging. All from one platform!

Say hello to Plutio

Plutio is our new all-in-one project management solution. Our clients can now get free access to a platform that allows them to see and do everything that makes up the process of having a website built.

Having one platform means that it’s an awful lot easier for our clients to be involved in the process of having their website built. Plutio is a very simple and intuitive piece of software. Regardless of your technical ability or IT proficiency, everyone can use Plutio to keep a track of what’s going on.

Also, having one platform to share proposals and contracts as well as for clients to uploading files means there are fewer opportunities for things to go missing or tasks to not be completed and slow down progress.

Another key advantage of using Plutio is that it has an app. Whether you’re on an iPhone or an Android phone you can download the Plutio app and stay connected even easier. Any tasks assigned to you, chat conversations or contracts needing to be signed can lead to a push notification on your phone. No more “I didn’t see the email” excuses anymore!

Seeing and responding to ongoing tasks

Since we started using Asana with our clients the feedback has been excellent. Being able to show clients what is currently being worked on for their new website and assign them tasks to complete themselves has been excellent. We’ve had many clients over the past six months comment about how great it is to have such a high level of transparency and for them to really be able to relax and see what’s happening at all stages.

From my perspective, it has been great as clients have commented about how they didn’t realise how much work goes on behind the scenes to build a website. Anything that makes my role seem more important is great!

As we move away from Asana we are still able to provide an excellent, transparent view of what is happening at every stage. With Plutio there is a project board, much like Asana, built into the heart of it. Clients can see what is currently happening and what tasks still need to be completed. Clients can also still have tasks assigned to them, so they know what information or resources they need to provide.

Keeping a clear and open level of communication between us and clients was a fundamental part of our ethos and how we work.

Signing proposals and contracts

I’ve learnt the hard way that you need proposals and contracts when it comes to working with other businesses. It’s important that everyone involved in a project has a clear idea of what they are to do and what is expected of them.

For the past few months we have used AND.CO to write straightforward proposals to outline what we will do as part of a web design project. AND.CO allowed us to share proposals online and for clients to sign digitally.

As useful as AND.CO has been, it is a different platform and something I have had to explain to clients and show them how to use. With Plutio all proposals are written, shared and stored in the same platform as every other part of the project.

With Plutio we can draw up a proposal that outlines what we aim to do and achieve as part of a project. Our clients can read, review and even ask for alterations, all within Plutio. Once they agree to it they can sign the proposals. This can then be turned into a formal contract for both the client and myself to sign.

This process means that all parties are protected by a legally binding contract that has been created mutually. The contract can then be downloaded for record-keeping at any time, as it is stored within Plutio.

Sharing and uploading files

Over the past six months, we have been using Box as a cloud storage solution. For every new client, we have sent them an invitation to create a free account with Box. From there, clients can upload and share documents. Things like logo files, photos and images and even text content have been shared with us via Box.

As you can imagine, asking clients to create an account with Asana and an account with Box has meant many marketing emails have been sent their way afterwards.

Not just that, but asking clients to share files in one place and comment on tasks in another has created some confusion. Instead, we are now using on a platform that allows clients to very easily upload all files and documents to one place.

By using the same platform for file sharing and project management it means that clients can comment on a request for a logo by uploading their logo and attaching it to their task. Very simple and easy!

Let’s have a chat (no more emails!)

The final key feature we hope to utilise with Plutio is private messaging. Back in the late 90s, everyone was excited by the idea of emails. Getting an email seemed so wonderful! Now it’s a pain.

We’re having a war on emails at Tiny Blue Rocket! No more long email threads, no more two-word replies via email. With Plutio there is private messaging built into the platform. Instead of sending emails, you can now use the ‘Conversation’ feature to send a message and keep everyone’s email inbox uncluttered.

By using the Plutio app you can very easily see when you’ve been sent a message and reply, much like you would with WhatsApp or other messaging services.

In summary

It’s important to me and my business that we make the whole process of getting a new website built to be as easy, clear and transparent as possible.

With Plutio we now have an all-in-one solution. You can sign proposals and contracts, see what we’re working on, upload files and send messages all from one place.

If you are looking at improving your website or getting a first website, get in touch with us at Tiny Blue Rocket and enjoy an even better service during and after your website build process.



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