The Rise of the Microbots

Small, but powerful Messenger chatbots

This is the third demo chatbot in our series. So far we’ve seen a bot designed for a hair & beauty salon offering bot-based booking. We’ve also seen a viral marketing system for a shoe sales business.

For the third demo bot we’ve built a microbot. What I mean by a microbot is a bot that is not trying to take over a business and be all-powerful, but a bot that supplements a small business perfectly.

Our third bot is for a small cafe called Cafe Isca. My vision of this fictional business is a tiny local cafe with a handful of tables but plenty of drinks and cakes.

This vision is born from a necessity to show that not all chatbots are for big businesses or growing businesses, but work perfectly for humble endeavours.

Essentially, every business needs a chatbot and every business can benefit from a chatbot.

Try our demo bot now:

Despite Cafe Isca having a microbot, I’ve packed three interesting features into it.

Firstly, there is a link to Google Maps. Any small business needs to ensure customers can get to them, of course. They also need to consider why the customers might use their bot.

The Cafe Isca bot primarily helps to give customers and prospective customers a brief overview of what the cafe sells.

Also, it helps bring the customers to the cafe with a link to the location on Google maps.

A simple way to help customers come to you.

I have described the wonder of Messenger marketing already with the Salonius demo bot. You can promote your business to bot subscribers within Facebook Messenger.

Some people still want to use email marketing. With a chatbot, you can still capture people’s email accounts and automatically add email addresses to contact lists and send out regular marketing emails or newsletters.

Just because Messenger marketing is the future, doesn’t mean some businesses don’t still want to use the age-old power of email marketing.

Cafes, restaurants and bars all have menus. Being able to share those menus easily is very helpful.

Often I’ve found when you go on hospitality websites simple links to menus can be surprisingly tricky to find.

With this chatbot any talk of a drinks menu allows the customers to have a link to download the menu.

Give customers what they want. If they are talking to your bot about the drinks choices, give them a tangible (digitally tangible) copy of the menu to download and keep.

You can send a wide range of files to customers within a chatbot, allowing them to keep you in mind when they’re offline.

One very subtle difference you may easily miss with this chatbot is that at the end of every conversational flow are two buttons to keep the conversation flowing.

With the ShoeFinder bot, once the user had got to the point where they have selected a shoe the bot stopped communicating with them. However, with this demo bot when the user reaches the end of the conversation about, for instance, drinks, they are given links to find out more about food or latest deals.

This microbot only has a very small selection of paths the user can go down at any one point, so it makes it so much easier to keep the conversation flowing into different topics.

While you don’t want to spam customers, keeping the conversation flowing might increase trust and conversions.

With the Cafe Isca demo bot we’ve created a small but mighty bot. Within a limited range of choices, the customer can still find out all about the business, download menus, signup to email newsletters and even find the business on Google Maps.

Whatever the size of your business, it can benefit greatly from a chatbot, even if it’s a microbot.

Try our demo bot now:



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