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4 min readDec 24, 2021

Getting the opportunity to help a charity or a business that supports vulnerable people is such a wonderful experience.

Michelle reached out to us at Tiny Blue Rocket because she needed a redesign of her existing website for TLC Palliative Care. She wanted a website that would be visually appealing whilst also being easy for her and her team to edit and maintain.

With the business evolving and introducing new services it was a great time for a revamp of their website to help as part of their growth going forwards.

Providing skilled and compassionate care

TLC provide care and support to people who are reaching the end of their life. Their aim is it allows people to stay in their homes and get access to qualified and experienced carers who will aim to make the end as comfortable as possible for both the patient and their families.

Where TLC come in is they help families and people with life-limiting conditions find the right person to support them. TLC also help trained Personal Assistants find regular work and be supported in their career. Finally, they help people in health care find the right carers for families they are supporting.

Recently, TLC has launched their new Carer Introduction Service. This new service aims to match people in the palliative stages of their illness with exceptional, skilled and compassionate carers or personal assistants. The service works both for the patients and for the carers in a way to support both people find the right connections.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, TLC is doing an excellent job of helping people and their families through what could be a traumatic period. Whilst simultaneously helping self-employed carers find work during such a challenging economic period.

Calm, professional and engaging

One of the first conversations I had with Michelle was about how the website should look and feel. When chronically ill people or their families are looking they may well be in a heightened state of stress or distress. Not wanting to go into a hospice, they are desperately looking for support. The website, therefore, must be calm and engaging whilst also as professional as possible.

Using the accents of the brand colours of green and purple with lots of calming white space, I was able to create a design and layout that worked for all users. Smooth edges to boxes and buttons help make the site feel less corporate or abrupt. Box shadows around buttons and boxes help elevate certain bits of content to make it easier for the most important content to stand out.

One of the key considerations was the length of text content. It is very easy to fill out a website much like a novel. Some people believe that you can only rank well on Google with loads of words on each page. Some just want to make sure they don’t leave out anything that might be important. But it is important to remember in this fast-paced online world that people won’t read it all. If anything, a longer, text-heavy website will just put off people.

I worked with Michelle to ensure she found the perfect balance between trying to get across all of her messages without the message being lost with too much text content. Using MarkUp, we were able to work collaboratively to edit, alter and perfect the website’s content.

Built to be easily edited

Probably the most important aspect of the redesign was the look and feel of the website. Another key consideration was that the website should be easy for Michelle, or anyone else who joins her team, to maintain.

As an Elementor agency, I knew that the perfect solution was, of course, to build the website using Elementor. Not only did it make it possible for me to build the bulk of the website in around two hours, but it also means once handed off the website is easy to edit.

As part of the first-class aftercare, my business and I offer, I created a range of bespoke videos within my learning portal. The aim, as has always been with my business, was to empower Michelle to be able to look after her own website.

In summary

Take some time today to check out the redesigned TLC website. With a calm but professional design, it’s a great example of what we and I can do to help businesses, charities and sole traders get their perfect website!

It was a pleasure to help Michelle and TLC revamp their online experience and I will enjoy watching the business develop as it provides such a vital service.



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