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Building great websites is only part of the story for us. Providing first-class aftercare and support is crucial.

Once we’ve finished designing a website and have handed over to the client, our work does not stop there. A website is a critical part of any modern business and its quality and effectiveness needs to be monitored permanently.

As part of the website maintenance we offer to all clients we are now using Screpy, an ai-based web analysis tool. Screpy analyses all pages of your websites for speed, uptime and SEO.

Website analysis and tasks

Screpy provides us with one dashboard to monitor all of our clients’ websites. The Screpy platform uses AI to assess every website we add and provide analysis and a list of key tasks needed to be undertaken.

Sometimes working out the priority of tasks can be the hardest part. Finding small issues and knowing which are the most crucial can take time. With Screpy we can now get instant data which tells us any issues on a website and how best to address these problems.

Taking the time and the effort out of analysis means we can spend longer on the solution.

SEO & keyword analysis

One of the key reasons why we’ve invested in Screpy is due to SEO. With the Screpy platform, we can get instant data on the SEO ranking potential of any website.

All key aspects of a website are monitored and any small or even large issues are highlighted for us to address. Every 7 days each website is automatically monitored or we can choose to reanalyse a website immediately once we’ve made changes.

Keyword analysis is also a crucial part of SEO and a key part of Screpy. We can check for each website where it is ranking based on any keywords. With 12 months of data, we can pick out the success of keywords and then make changes to the website to improve its ranking.

We can see how well a website is doing in geographical regions for keywords. So if we’re looking after a business whose customers are generally local, we can ensure it is ranking well in its local area for its keywords.

Screpy can also suggest other keywords to include on a website or web page which could be of benefit to the website and the business.

All in all, Screpy provides a wealth of data for us to monitor and analyse our clients’ website SEO.

Pagespeed monitoring

The speed at which a website loads is an important part of SEO. Google will not rank a website very high if it’s taking more than 3 seconds to load.

Caring about Google is important, but not the only important factor. Your website visitors will not wait if your website doesn’t load quickly. Trust is lost when a customer see you can’t even get your website to load correctly!

With Screpy we can get almost instant data on the speed of each website. We can see its load time, page size and how long it takes for a ‘first contentful paint — how long until enough of the website loads for it to be used.

All of Screpy’s pagespeed data is based on Google’s Lighthouse reporting, which is the very tool Google uses for SEO ranking.

As part of Screpy’s pagespeed analysis, it also outlines key tasks to improve the website speed. Seeing a website isn’t loading quickly is a problem, but with key data from Screpy, we can effortlessly provide a solution for our clients.

Uptime monitoring

The final crucial part of Screpy’s platform that we will use with our clients’ website is uptime monitoring. What the point of great SEO and a speedy website if it keeps going offline.

Recently I have helped a startup with their website. It had been built by another agency and the agency couldn’t fathom why the website kept going offline. It’s impossible for a new business to gain trust and develop a positive reputation when people’s first impressions is of a website that’s down!

With Screpy’s uptime monitor we can check every 5 minutes to see if a website is live and working.

Also, it tells us the request time — how long it takes for a server to respond to a website loading request. Sometimes the website may seem offline simply because the hosting server it’s on is performing poorly. All data about uptime can be exported to be sent to hosting companies if there is an ongoing issue.

Keeping your website up is important, knowing when it’s down and tackling the problem is vitally important.

In summary

We’re very pleased to now be able to use a wonderful tool to analyse and monitor all of our clients’ websites. As part of our pledge to offer first-class aftercare, we are now more able to ensure our clients have a healthy, happy and successful website.

If you are looking to get a new website or would like an existing one cared for by us, please do reach out to us at Tiny Blue Rocket. Find out how we can help you get your perfect website and one that’s perfect every day!



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