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Last week we launched our new website payment plans. We know that businesses currently face a very conflicting period. They want to use the time in lockdown to improve their business, especially their website, but cannot afford to pay for a new website.

That’s why we are providing payment plans to all businesses. You can pay what you can afford now, even if that’s just £1, and the rest later.

As you can imagine, we’ve had a fairly large number of enquires from businesses and business owners wanting to find out more. I thought it would be helpful, therefore, to answer some of the most common questions in this blog post.

One of the most common questions is how the payment plans work from a financial perspective. How can businesses and business owners structure the payments?

What we are offering is a 12 month payment period. You can use our online web design price calculator to get a quote from us and whatever that quote generates you can pay that amount over the next 12 months.

One business owner I spoke to last week said she could start paying monthly for her new website as soon as possible. She elected to split the £500 web design quote over 12 instalments of £41.66, thus making the cost an awful lot more manageable.

Other business owners might want to wait 6 months before making any payment and then pay in either 6 monthly instalments, or in other staggered ways. It’s up to you to set out your own structure.

As the title of this blog post says, you pay your own way. You can choose how you want to pay your web design quote, as long as in 12 months time you’ve completed all payments.

Be it monthly, quarterly, deferred for 6 months or a bit now and the rest later, you can pay for your new website in whatever way suits you and your business.

Does it cost more to use a payment plan?

When you take out a loan or use a credit card you’re charged interest. By paying over a protracted period of time you end up paying significantly more than the outstanding amount.

Do we charge interest or make you pay more for using a payment plan? No!

Our prices for web design have been frozen since January. You can generate a quote online and the price is the same as it was before the Covid-19 pandemic. You also won’t be charged any interest or end up paying more than the quoted price if you choose to use a payment plan.

We’re offering a simple, manageable way to help you get a new website. No hidden charges, no catches and no nasty surprises!

What do you get for a website built with a payment plan?

Essentially, are we offering a substandard or different product for those who choose to use a payment plan? Once again, no!

All of our websites are built within WordPress with the Elementor page builder. This ensures all of our websites are a both pixel-perfect and incredibly easy to edit and maintain.

Everyone gets the same high-quality websites regardless of how they choose to pay for it. We can still provide hosting for your website, access to a wide range of premium WordPress plugins and access to eCommerce or other advanced website features.

I fully understand how tight finances are at the moment for businesses. I also fully understand how keen every business owner is to ensure their business can recover and survive this crisis. For that reason, I want to do everything to help other businesses survive and thrive after the pandemic.

We’re not offering this payment plan to make money out of people’s suffering, but as a way to ensure we can all ride this storm and come out the other side successfully.

In summary

Like many other businesses and business owners, you might be spending time in isolation thinking about improving your website.

If you’re worried about how you can afford to pay for a new website, do not worry. Create a quote online and then pay whatever you can afford in whatever way you want over the next 12 months.

Every business deserves to have a great website and choose to pay for it in their own way.




Pixel-perfect WordPress web design. All websites are built with the Elementor page builder and are designed to be really easy to edit & maintain.

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Pixel-perfect WordPress web design. All websites are built with the Elementor page builder and are designed to be really easy to edit & maintain.

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