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6 min readApr 8, 2020


Every business needs a website. There’s no denying the importance of a website for each and every business. Regardless of how big or small, your business is, a website is a fundamental tool.

With your website being so fundamental to your business you would clearly want it to be working perfectly. As such, Tiny Blue Rocket is now offering website service packages. We will monitor, maintain and improve your website, all with minimal impact on you and your business.

What do you get with a service package?

We have highlighted 7 key services we will provide to every business that signs up for a business package. These key services include:

Plugin & theme updates

Website uptime monitoring

Website speed & performance monitoring

Daily website backups

Weekly database optimisation

Monthly SEO ranking reports

Annual website service

You will also have access to a 24/7 reporting tool. If you have a problem or would like some help, you can get in touch at any time of day and someone will be in touch within 12 hours to provide a solution.

As a WordPress website agency, we are offering these packages for WordPress websites exclusively.

We shall now look in more detail at each of those 7 key services included in a Tiny Blue Rocket website service package.

Plugin, theme & WordPress core updates

Having a website built within WordPress means you’ve got access to a seemingly endless supply of plugins, themes and tools to make your website awesome. One of the advantages of using a popular CMS like WordPress is that you can achieve pretty much anything with your website.

However, every WordPress website needs its plugins and theme updated on a very regular basis. Almost every WordPress website needs at least one update per week.

The time it takes to log into your website and run an update can sometimes mean you’re taking time away from more important business tasks.

We will provide regular updates to your plugins, themes and your core WordPress installation. Coupled with our backups, we can ensure a bad update doesn’t cripple your website!

Website uptime monitoring

For many business owners, the thought of their website breaking or being offline can keep them awake at night!

There’s nothing worse than a potential customer complaining that they couldn’t access your website as it wasn’t loading. I’ve even know businesses being unaware their website was unavailable for months, all the time wondering why they weren’t getting new business.

As part of our service package, we will run hourly uptime monitoring. If your website goes offline we’ll find out and endeavour to fix the problem immediately.

We can also provide weekly or monthly stats about your uptime.

Website speed & performance monitoring

Sometimes customers can’t reach your website, but not because it’s offline. Sometimes it’s simply because your website is too slow to load and makes people assume it’s broken.

Any website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load is a critical problem. If it takes longer than 1 second it can also be quite an issue.

As part of our service package, we will provide live monitoring of your website loading time. As soon as there’s an increase in loading time we will be notified and work to speed up your website.

Daily website backups

No matter how well a website is built, sometimes things can go wrong. A dodgy plugin update or a hack can bring down a website and make it inaccessible or even a threat to customers.

What would you do if your website was broken or hacked? You might need to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds to someone to rebuild the website.

As part of our service package, we will run daily backups of your website. All backups are securely stored on the cloud. This means that if your website is broken or gets hacked, we can quickly restore your website to how it was yesterday!

With our uptime and performance monitoring, we can quickly find out if there’s a problem with your website and immediately restore it to a working version. You and your customers need never know there was a problem.

Weekly database optimisation

WordPress websites rely on a database to store and organise the data on your website. Your WordPress website’s database is a crucial part of its functioning.

As a website gets older the database can become bloated or even corrupted. Often one of the most basic reasons a website is loading slowly is that the database is causing a bottleneck.

Optimising and fixing your database can ensure your website doesn’t load slowly or present errors to your visitors.

As part of our website service package, we will run a weekly database optimisation. We will clean, organise and fix your website’s database and ensure it has no negative impact on your website.

Monthly SEO ranking reports

You’ve got a wonderful website that can instantly convert potential customers into long-term, loyal customers. But how can they find your website?

If your business and your website rely on being found on Google, you’ll want to ensure you’re ranking well, especially for the right keywords.

As part of our service package, we will provide monthly SEO reports. These reports will show which keywords you’re ranking highly for and how high on the Google search rankings you are.

With the report, you can choose your keywords and see how well your website does when people search for those keywords. You can even track your competitors and find out how well they’re ranking.

Annual website service

All of the other aspects of our service package involve ongoing monitoring, reporting and fixing of your website. While we can help keep your website on the right track, it really needs an annual service.

As part of our service package, we will provide an annual website ‘MOT’. We will check your website is working perfectly, fix minor and major problems and ensure it’s functional.

We can make minor adjustments to the layout and style of your website. We can also help improve the website by adding new features, such as videos, blogs and marketing tools.

For all the effort and attention that’s given to your website, sometimes the key components can get out of date. Our annual website service ensures your website is refreshed, renewed and revitalised every year.

How much would a package cost?

For 7 key services, you’d expect you’d be paying a small fortune. As with our web design, we endeavour to charge as little as possible to ensure every small business can afford a great website.

For all 7 key services, you can pay either £20 per month or £220 per year. By paying annually you get 1 month for free.

As time goes by that cost might creep up, but not for existing service package subscribers. By signing up today to a service package you will only ever pay £20 per month or £220 per year, regardless of any price changes we make in the future.

How do I sign up for a service package?

I’m sure you’re very excited to sign up to get a website service package. All you need to do is click the link below and sign up today!



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