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There are countless agencies, designers and freelancers out there who offer to build websites. However, each web designer or agency offers differing packages and products with each website.

I’m going to provide a detailed description of everything you get included with a Tiny Blue Rocket website. Everything in this blog post is included in the basic price of a website.

This includes:

  1. Hosting
  2. Email accounts
  3. Content delivery network (CDN)
  4. WordPress and Elementor
  5. Security and backups
  6. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  7. Website speed
  8. Support and maintenance


As you may know, every website needs hosting of some type to function online. Somewhere on a physical or cloud server, there needs to be a home for your website’s data.

Some web design agencies ask you to purchase your own hosting or will sell you premium hosting on top of the website. We provide a year’s free hosting and then a small nominal fee afterwards.

We resell our hosting from Smart Hosting and provide an adequate hosting package. It provides fairly good loading times and quite robust levels of security.

As we’re a WordPress agency, we are hoping to move towards specialist WordPress hosting within the next 12 months.

However, whatever hosting provider we use, we do provide hosting as standard. I know personally how hard it can be to find and set up hosting when you’re not sure what you’re looking for or doing! We take away that hassle and provide good quality hosting for everyone.

Email Accounts

As part of our hosting plans, we can offer unlimited email accounts. You can set up as many email accounts as you need for your business and have no restrictions on the number of emails you receive.

While email accounts might seem like a fairly lame selling point, they are such a fundamental part of a business. No one wants to look unprofessional using a Gmail or Hotmail email account for their business activities. With our hosting, you can easily be david@mybusiness.com rather than @gmail.com.

We don’t just provide functional business email accounts, but ones with very robust spam filters and security. I’ve had business email accounts on different hosting packages and spent half my day deleting and blocking spam or phishing emails. I must say, with the SpamExperts filters in our hosting you rarely get unsolicited emails.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Not only do we provide good quality hosting, but we also provide an extra layer of excellence with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN). The role of a CDN is to speed up connections between your domain (e.g. tinybluerocket.co.uk) and the hosting and the user who is trying to load your website.

What a CDN does primarily is to host a copy of your website in a server located in most corners of the world. This means that if someone from Sydney and someone from New York tries to load your website they aren’t trying to connect to the hosting server in London but to there local CDN server. By hosting your website content closer to the user, it speeds up the time it takes for them to load your website.

A CDN isn’t just about speed or location. They also provide an extra layer of security with an additional firewall. If you are having problems with hacking attempts, you can use Cloudflare to slow down the hackers and make it much harder for them to access your website.

At Tiny Blue Rocket we have an account with Cloudflare and we provide a free account for every web design client as standard. Everyone gets the speed and security benefits of a CDN for their website.

WordPress and Elementor

If you’ve read any other blogs from us or been on our website, you will know that we exclusively build websites within WordPress and using the Elementor page builder.

After trying different website platforms or builders in the past, I truly believe that WordPress is the best for any small business. WordPress is the market leader, with around a third of all websites built with WordPress. It’s the market leader for a very good reason!

As standard, we install and set up WordPress for every web design client. We use our knowledge to tweak every aspect of the hosting setup and the WordPress installation setup to work perfectly together. On top of just installing WordPress, we also install a range of great plugins to maximise the power of your website. I will go into more detail later about the plugins we choose.

When it comes to building the web pages for your website, we use the Elementor page builder. There are many ways you can use WordPress to build great websites, but nothing compares to the simplicity of using Elementor.

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder. This means that we can quickly and easily build great websites in a matter of days. Our most recent projects have build built within 48 hours. All websites are fully mobile-responsive and come with a range of advanced features.

Using Elementor is not about making our life easier, though. The main reason we use Elementor is that it ensures it’s really easy for the client to maintain and tweak their website.

So many other web design agencies lock down their clients’ websites so the client can easily make changes. This means the clients have to keep paying the agency or designer on a regular basis to make really basic changes. It’s great recurring income for the designers, but will quickly financially affect their client and their business.

We’re not in this game to make loads of money quickly but to help businesses and grow our own business in an honest and trustworthy way. Our perfect five-star reviews are a testament to the fact that we care for our clients!

So, with any website built by Tiny Blue Rocket, we will install and fully setup WordPress. We will use the excellent Elementor page builder to quickly and easily design a great looking and fully functional website. A website that you, the client, has total access to edit yourself. We even provide in-depth training to help you!

Security and Backups

I will openly admit that I’m a bit obsessed with website security. While I’ve never had a website hacked, I’ve seen it happen to other people and seen the devastating impact it has on people and businesses. Due to this, I ensure every website built by Tiny Blue Rocket will adhere to strict (often OTT!) security levels.

Firstly, our hosting account provides a high level of security with firewalls and DDoS protection. Our hosting also provides daily backups of your website, so if anything goes wrong today you can roll back the website to yesterday’s version.

After that, we, of course, use Cloudflare to provide an extra layer of security, also with firewall and DDoS protection. As I mentioned before, you can turn up the robustness of Cloudflare’s firewall if you think you’re under attack.

On a WordPress level, we also install the Wordfence plugin to provide extra website protection. Wordfence scans your website regularly to check for changes or known infections. It’s another layer of protection that keeps the bad guys (or girls) out.

Recently I’ve started using WPS Hide Login plugin to relocate the login page for WordPress. By default, a WordPress login page can be accessed by adding /wp-admin or /wp-login to any WordPress website’s URL. As most hacking attempts are done by a programmed bot or are fairly basic, simply moving the address of the login page has seen a massive drop-off in the number of hacking attempts our websites deal with.

Not only do we provide WordPress-level security for all of our clients, but also regular backups. While you can easily role-back a broken or hacked website using our hosting backup, it’s even easier with the UpdraftPlus plugin for WordPress. We set up Updraft and store daily or weekly backups on cloud storage for all of our clients, as standard.

Getting a website with Tiny Blue Rocket is not just a good idea from a design perspective, but a great idea from a security perspective. We care for every website we build as if it’s our own. This means we love and protect every website we build as if it’s our own baby!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Building a website that looks lovely, works well and is well protected is wonderful. What’s the point, though, if no one ever sees it?

SEO is a thriving industry in tech because getting websites high up the search rankings with Google really matters. If people can’t find or stumble across your website, it can seriously affect your business.

As standard, we build our websites to function well for SEO. We use SEOPress for WordPress to provide meta descriptions and keywords to help your website be understood and rank well with Google.

Not only do we provide good SEO as part of the web design price, but we also regularly advise our clients on how to improve their ranking for free. Simple things like getting a Google My Business account and sharing daily links to your website on social media don’t cost a penny and can make a huge difference.

Sometimes clients want to move up the rankings quickly and make a big impact online. We have a reseller account with TheHoth, so we can liaise for you with an industry-leading SEO company. Working with TheHoth means we can provide a range of packages to help boost your ranking. From blog content to keywords and backlinks, we can help you get the best SEO tools from one of the best SEO companies. Why don’t we offer this in-house? We’d rather not when we can reach out to such a skilled SEO company.

Website Speed

I seem to be in a loop where almost every blog I write recently talks about website loading time and speed. I guess that shows that speed matters!

Essentially, any website that takes longer than 5 seconds to load is at serious risk of disappointing or turning away it’s visitors. Plus, more than half of all website visits are from smartphones, some relying on a 4G connection to load the website. If your website is not lightweight and quick-loading it may take too long to load or not load at all!

How do we help? Not only do we provide good hosting and a CDN, but we also build our websites for speed. Every aspect of our design process is done to reduce the number of data-heavy images or unnecessary features on a web page. We lighten and streamline every aspect of every page we design to be as lightweight as possible.

We don’t install and plugin we don’t need and we turn off as many unnecessary features of plugins.

We also use Photoshop and Shortpixel to reduce the size of any photos you use. If a client gives us a 4000 x 3000-pixel photo that’s 4 MB in size, we know it will slow down the website. So we resize the photo to a smaller dimension and strip out any unnecessary data. We can reduce that photo to be easily under 1MB and ready for the website.

With the Shortpixel plugins for WordPress, it reduces the file size further and ensures every image that’s loaded on a website loads in the best possible size (in terms of dimensions).

Not only do we reduce the image sizes, but we also use the Litespeed caching plugin or the WP Rocket plugin to reduce the size of each web page. By caching the website content and minifying the code, it can easily speed up the loading time of your website.

We don’t just build lovely websites, but we ensure before handing it over to clients that every aspect of the website is tweaked to load as quickly as possible.

Support and Maintenance

I’ve already touched on how some web designers or agencies try to ensure they have a recurring income by making it hard for their clients to edit their own websites.

As I’ve said previously in this post, we ensure every aspect of our websites are open and easy to edit. Our goal is to make it so you don’t need to come back to us and can find it effortlessly easy to use and maintain your website.

When I say we don’t want clients to come back to us, I don’t mean we don’t let clients come back to us. We provide excellent aftercare support to all clients. We aim to make it as easy as possible for each client to look after their website and not feel they need us to help.

Some of our clients reach out for support every month or so, some have never been back in touch since we handed over their website. We don’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to support, we provide as much help and support as each client needs.

One thing we do provide for everyone is in-depth training with WordPress and Elementor. Every client has a range of bespoke support videos recorded for them. Every client also has access to 1–1 support, either in person or online to help them learn how to look after their website.

At Tiny Blue Rocket customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. We provide great websites and we provide great aftercare support, as standard.

In summary

When you’re thinking about getting a new website you will find a wealth of choices for who to choose to build your website.

Take some time to see what each person or agency offers as part of their web design packages. I strongly suspect you won’t find a better package than what we provide.

From hosting to security. From email accounts to CDN. From easy-to-edit, speedy websites to SEO. All with five-star support, we provide the best all-round website package for any small business.

How much does all this excellence cost? Click here to use our price calculator to build your perfect website package.

Build your own website quote: https://quote.tinybluerocket.co.uk



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